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Play DMC offers a range of services relating to playspaces and playground equipment.

A summary is provided below. Please contact us directly for further information.

Playground Assessments

Play DMC assess playgrounds against a range of criterea including benefits of play, risk, defects, condition and Australian Standards specifications.

We offer both Comprehensive (annual) and Operational (every 3-6 months) Inspections of playspaces and playground equipment.

We undertake assessments in a range of environments including Public Parks, Childrens Services Centres, Schools and Shopping Centres.

Playspace Design Reviews

Play DMC can review design proposals to identify potential hazards and associated risks and weigh this against the benefits of play provided. We also assess compliance of the design with the relevant standards.

Playground Surfacing Testing

Using a Uniaxe-II Accelerometer, Play DMC can test the impact attenuation properties and compliance of playground surfacing to AS 4422.

Play DMC
Play DMC
Play DMC Paul Grover

Impact Area Passes!

Playspace Strategy and Policy

Play DMC have experience in developing Playspace Strategies, Upgrade Plans, Playspace Policy Documents and Development Guidelines.

We have written and provided input into strategies and guidelines for Early Childhood Centres, Public Playgrounds and Adventure Playgrounds.

Playspace Database and Reporting System

Play DMC have developed an electronic system in which to record playground equipment inventory & inspection results, store digital photos, track maintenance, calculate valuations and prepare reports.

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